Senzo Nkomo.

Some Facts and Quotes about and From


“Senzo Nkomo (19), born in Mpumalanga on the month of love, February in 1996. I’m middle child of three children” – #SenzoNkomo


“Our mother passed away in 2005 from a sudden illness, the death of my mom was painful, it left in an uncertain position, and we were orphans” – #SenzoNkomo


“My dad was shot in 1995 two months before I was born” – #SenzoNkomo


“Losing a mother’s love and care was very difficult, but I did not put that in mind as I believed that God will heal my wounds” – #SenzoNkomo


“Growing up as child I was fanatic soccer player, a gift I was given by the man upstairs to help me cope with everything that life was going to throw at me later” – #SenzoNkomo


“I’m generally a very positive person and I do not allow things to affect me negatively” – #SenzoNkomo


“It’s something I was taught by my grandmother and I guess it got sharped over the years because of all the things I’ve been through” – #SenzoNkomo